Welcome to The Institution webpage.

Our supergroup was founded on 29.11.2005 and we have grown quite quickly since. We have over 20 members who help each other and villains from other puny supergroups.

The Institution provides a free environment where members can experience their favorite type of game; PvP, PvE and/or RP, either solo or together.

We are located in Union Server and we welcome players who will assist us in our evil cause. Contact us by email or send a post to our forum if you want to be a part of our community.

Prestige Nights on Thursdays:

Our nemesis supergroup, The Intrepids, were organising this event regularly for a longtime now. We cannot let them beat us in this race, we have to be prepared. Therefore, we'll organise the same event on Thursdays to help our members to reach level 50 quickly and collect prestige to improve our base. We have to strike first...

The event starts around 7:30PM in Grandville.