In this page you will find the guideline to create the SG costume, designed by Catz, who won the SG Costume Design Competition on 01.03.2007. Click here to see the proposals from other contenders.

The use of the SG costume is not mandatory, it can also be worn in non-sg mode. The purpose here is purely to create a community spirit during our SG events.


Head: Standard.


Face: Rounded Mask / Small Mask 2*.

Upper Body: Tight /Tops with Skin*.


Chest: Bare Chest Smooth/Muscular.

Chest Style: Tanker.


Shoulders: Metal.


Chest Detail: Torch.


Gloves: Smooth/Bare.

Glove Style: Bare Hands.


Belt: V.

Lower Body/Bottoms*: Tight.


Pants: Tights.

Pant Style: Stripe 3.


Boots: Any type where "Tight" style is availbale.

Boot Style: Blend.

Back Detail: Over shoulder.


Cape: Long Cape.

Cape Style: Blend (Same colours front & back).



*For female bodytype...