Welcome to our supergroup's webpage...

The Intrepids Super Group was created in February 2005 by 3 founders: Gravitron, Natural Disaster & Tosara.

After the disappearance of Gravitron & Natural Disaster, Tosara (aka Mess) and his new management team successfully brought The Intrepids to this day.

We are one of the oldest, yet still active, supergroups in European Servers.

Our second supergroup, The Intrepids Legends, was founded on 03.01.2006 to include our level 50 members.

We are located in Union Server. Our aim is to provide a friendly environment where members can freely play their favorite type of game; PvP, PvE and/or RP, either solo or together.

We welcome active players who are ready to help their supergroup mates, and help us keep this friendly environment going.

Please contact us by email or send a post in our forum if you want to be a part of our community.




Supergroup Night on Tuesdays:

Tuesday Nights are special for our supergroup, it is different than other weekdays. We all wear our Supergroup Costume and meet at Portal Corporation Square in Peregrine Island from 7:30PM UK time. We either play regular missions with our low level toons just for fun, or we bring our level 50 toons to help members who are close to reaching level 50. We generally form 2, sometimes 3, supergroup teams, also inviting friends from other supergroups who need our help.

For other events please check our forum (registration required).



Click here to learn more about our new SG Costume, designed by Catz.