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Author:  MrX [ Wed May 01, 2013 9:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Marvel Heroes

Hi guys. I know it's still sad days and that we're all still mourning and covered head to toe in black BUT ...

MarvelHeroes is nearly upon us, and for you spandex types, and let's face it who's not a spandex type on here, it's time to have a look.

I did last weekend, but only briefly, and logged off not before giving them some opinions. Generally its very kidified but the powers and power animations are great. The locked-camera/isometric viewing angles really suck (compared to CoH and every other MMO I can think of) but the idea of being able to jump into a unique set of powers and abilities with lots of great-looking costumes is definitely NOT unappealing. This is one of two great things about the game that, that in contrast to CoH, Champions and DC Universe (to a lesser extent) is that the characters really do feel quite unique and it looks as though Gazilion (and Marvel) are bent on including a lot of background details, costume options, historic comic covers (e.g. "Ms Marvel made her first appearance ...") etc. As a long-term Marvel comics fan I really do appreciate that.

Story-wise, there's not very much sign that this will be that interesting. Team-play might also be a lot too kiddy-like compared to CoH but I haven't been able to look into that yet.

Considering it's free and has lots of historic info, original art, authentic costumes and good animation - and the fighting system is pretty good (meaning way better than DC Universe and Champions but not a visceral as CoH) then there's going to be enough in here to keep me coming back.

Any other takers?

PS Naturally, I'll be MrX in the game, so look out for me.

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